About Me

CEO / Design
Syed Azhar

Company Name

Azhar Space


Interior Decoration & Paintings

My passion for painting and interior decoration is what drives me. I have always enjoyed being creative and finding new ways to express myself. I love taking a blank canvas and making it my own.

I love working with clients to create the perfect space for them. I find that there are so many things that make up our homes from the furniture, to the colors in our rooms, to what we have hanging on the walls that can make or break a room.

I believe it is important to spend time with you and get to know how you want your space to look so we can work together in creating something truly amazing!

I am always open to suggestions and would be happy to talk about what you want in your home.

Our Interior design service is a creative and unique way to add value to your home. We offer an array of services, from interior design and decorating to furniture placement and color schemes. We even provide services for parties, weddings, large events, and more!

Our goal is to make sure that our clients get the most out of their homes, whether it's through interior design or just straight-up decorating. We want them to feel at home in their own space, so we work hard to understand what they want so we can deliver the best possible results.



If you’re looking for a quality interior service that will not only provide you with a fully functional space.


Our materials are designed to help you create the kind of beautiful home that you have always dreamed of.


We love what we do and hope it shows in every product we make.


When you're ready to renovate your home, we can help. Get a free quote today!

50+ 3D Paintings

My paintings are a reflection of my experiences and my love for the world. They are a celebration of life and the people who make it so beautiful. I paint because I want to share my joy with others, and this is how I do that.